• STRATEGIC PLAN (2015 -2018)


    1.   Provide the membership with an effective and collective voice and public image.

                     i.    Increase the positive image of the Chamber and the Chaleur Region and enhance a stronger sense of pride in the North Shore business community.

                    ii.    Adopt public positions on issues impacting business development in the region.

    2.   Promote regional economic development.

                     i.    Model a sound and positive business approach that attracts business investment in the region.

                    ii.    Support local education and training programs that build a sustainable and qualified workforce. 

                   iii.    Promote the Chaleur region as the shopping and service hub of theNorthShore.

                   iv.    Play an active role in the development of the Tourism sector.

    3.   Build an active broad-based membership.

                     i.    Provide members with a clear Chamber agenda.

                    ii.    Encourage membership input and involvement.

                   iii.    Increase membership base.

                   iv.    Deliver value-added programs that reduce the members’ cost of doing business.

                    v.    Initiate and facilitate educational opportunities that enhance member success.

                   vi.    Continue regional services in both official languages.

    4.   Develop effective advocacy and partner relationships that advance economic development.

                     i.    Maintain a good working relationship with important partners contributing to economic development (i.e. JA, Leadership, CBDC, PETL, Tourism, Municipalities, etc.).

                    ii.    Support partners to encourage young entrepreneurs and increase the influx of youth into our region.

                   iii.    Hold government accountable for business development, policy and financial support for the Chaleur region.

    5.   Operate an effective, volunteer-driven organization.

                     i.    Conduct forward planning for the Chamber on a 3-year cycle.

                    ii.    Maintain a productive and active Chamber Headquarters.

                   iii.    Review the by-laws of the Chamber to fit current and emerging needs.


    1.   Chamber Image & Visibility 

    2.   Encourage Regional Business & Commercial Development

    3.   Membership & Member Relations

    4.   Advocacy & Partnerships

    5.   Organization & Financial Stability