• What is the Business Immigrant Mentorship Program?

    The Business Immigrant Mentorship program is a new initiative available to business immigrants and entrepreneurs of the Chaleur Region.

    Developed in partnership with the Government of New Brunswick, the program will work to close the gap between new immigrant entrepreneurs and the wider Greater Bathurst business community.

    The program will enable business immigrants to integrate with the community more effectively, and ultimately create economic activity in our region. Mentors will have the opportunity to learn from entrepeneurs from around the world. Each entrepeneur brings a unique perspective on successful business practice and routes to the global market. 

    Business immigrant, called mentees, are paired with established entrepreneurs from the region, we call those entrepreneurs mentors.

    During a six month period, mentees and mentors meet four hours per month to exchange and help business immigrant in realizing their business plans or in the operation of their business. 

    During those six months, mentees will also be offered training on different topics that are essential in the successful operation of a business in Canada. At the end of their six month participation, mentees will have a clear idea of the direction to take to launch and operate their own business.

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