• Hosting a Chamber Mixer

    Hosting a Chamber Mixer

    The Chamber hosts 10-12 “Chamber Mixer’s” each year. The fall season tends to be the busiest time for requests. The process is as follows:

    • A member requests to host a Chamber Mixer or we approach a business to host one. 

    To do before the event:

    Select the date
    Select the location

    Member’s role:

    Send your logo and contact information to the Chamber
    Invite your clients/contacts to the event

    Determine number of participants and purchase food and refreshments accordingly (there are usually 35-55 members).

    Purchase a door prize

    Chamber’s role:

    Prepares invitation and submits it to member for review

    Invites members via e-mail and posts to Website and Facebook (two weeks before event and the week of the event)

    Invite media

    Event Set-Up (members):

    Have food trays set out as well as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments.
    Have napkins, glasses, plates and utensils.
    Have someone tending the bar/refreshments.
    Have a basket for business cards (used for door prize draw)
    Have a coat-check on hand

    Be sure members are greeted and identify who is the owner/director.
    A good idea would be to wear a name tag.