• Business Resources

    GBCC will endeavor to provide current relevant public business information and resources for young and mature entrepreneurs and complement existing business owner’s challenges. 

    InspireNB - Help shape the future of New Brunswick

    InspireNB is creating connectivity between youth and employers in New Brunswick during the career exploration process that will provide New Brunswick companies the assured talent pipeline they need for growth. As parents, it will help us connect our kids to their futures and to opportunities in New Brunswick. Play an active role in the future of NB - sign up your company or be a career coach and share your experience with tomorrow's workforce. Visit Inspirenb.ca or see InspireNB features and Employer involvement.

    Small Business Solver - Small business solutions at your fingertips

    So you’ve decided to start your own business because you have a great product or service to offer the world. What you haven’t accounted for are some of the roadblocks that you’re now facing.

    Starting a small business isn’t easy but with business solutions right at your fingertips, you don’t have to worry about missing any steps.  Free Stuff! Weekly webinars, calculators, and more...Small Business Solver

    Business Gateway – Providing practical information and help to you and your business. Whether you are starting out or looking to grow your business. The Business Gateway website is a great resource. (note it is based in UK)