• Accessing Capital

    The Financial and Consumer Services Commission (FCNB) has a legislated mandate to foster fair and efficient capital markets and confidence in those markets. As part of this mandate we promote the development of capital markets by ensuring that New Brunswick has a regulatory infrastructure that supports access to capital and the growth of economic wealth and independence for New Brunswick residents.

    Fullsail is the name of our overarching capital markets development initiative. Through Fullsail, we attempt to stimulate and support the development of New Brunswick capital markets by: 

    • continuing research and consultation on capital markets issues
    • serving New Brunswick’s issuers and markets
    • enhancing the state of entrepreneurship through education and encouraging capital markets infrastructure development
    • providing credible, knowledgeable advice to policy makers and program developers
    • advancing the interests of issuers and markets with our stakeholders
    • engaging with key stakeholders to further areas of mutual interest and opportunity

    Visit www.fcnb.ca website to learn more.