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On behalf of my business, I wish to enroll as a member of the Greater Bathurst Chamber of Commerce.     I agree that the Chamber needs the support of businesses in the greater Bathurst area, working to promote the area as a location for sound business development and to encourage greater recognition and appreciation of the community’s strengths and assets.  The Chamber will also develop, propose and implement programs to promote the region as a growing dynamic community.


Fee structure

Dues are based on the number of employees (including owners, managers, etc.) per firm during the preceding 12 months.  Please accompany payment with this application.








Postal Code:





Type of business/service:


Number of years in business:


Years in Bathurst Region:

Years elsewhere:

Total number of employees:

Full time:

Name of Manager:



Part time:


Name of owner:


Referred by:  please indicate name of person and company











FEE SCHEDULE FOR MEMBERS:                    (New members - Registration fee $20)

Number of employees



Membership fees

Participation in activities

Yes. I am  interested  (√)

1 to 5


150.00 + HST = 169.50

Annual Banquet


6 to 10


193.34 + HST = 218.47

Economic Development


11 to 25


246.90 + HST = 279.00

Golf Tournament


26 to 50


334.45 + HST = 377.93

Government Relations


51 to 100


512.42 + HST = 579.03

Special Events


101 to 500


790.37 + HST = 893.12

Transportation Committee


501 and over


935.71 + HST = 1057.35

Membership Drive




  65.00 + HST =  73.45




Provincial and Federal


  150.00 + HST = 169.50


Other :


Not for profit organization


  150.00 + HST = 169.50










Please return, with check, to:                Greater Bathurst Chamber of Commerce

725 College Street    CEI Building

Bathurst, NB     E2A 4B9

Tel:  (506) 548-8498           Fax:  (506) 548-2200

                                                                    Email: [email protected]                   


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