Results of the 2001 census showed 40,906 inhabitants in the Chaleur region (From Belledune to Allardville).  Covering 5.7% of New Brunswick's area, the Chaleur region is comprised of six municipalities: Bathurst (pop. 12,924), Beresford (pop. 4,414), Nigadoo (pop. 983), Petit-Rocher (pop. 1,966), Pointe-Verte (pop. 1,041) and Belledune (pop. 1,923).  There are also local service districts (LSD) distributed over the parishes in Durham, New Bandon, Beresford, Bathurst and Allardville.

The Chaleur region sits nestled at the heart of the Bay of Chaleur, member of The Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club, and relies on a highly skilled and bilingual workforce along with an abundance of natural resources for its economic growth.

With a backdrop surrounded by miles of beautiful coastline and only a short drive from Mount Carleton, the highest peak in the Maritimes, the Chaleur region offers a breathtaking scenic stop and welcome destination for one and all.


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